What “500 LEGENDS” 1/18 scale Indy Cars would you like to see done

May 4th, 2010

Hey Indy Car fans and racing memorabilia collectors tell “500 LEGENDS” what you would like to see done in 1/18 scale Indy Cars. There are a lot of different cars out there from Carousel 1, UT Minichamps, Greenlight, Ertl and Masito. All these cars can be redesigned into many diferent cars that were never produced. Tell us what you would like to see done and we will do our best to get the job done for you. From artwork development of the decals to figuring out how to redesign the chassis of the model car is a painstaking project, but we want to give you what you want. A hand built one of a kind “ART IN MOTION” masterpiece. GIVE US SOME FEEDBACK ON SOME OF YOUR IDEAS. Cars that appear to be the most popular will be given the greatest amount of consideration. Of the suggestions with the most interest that may be picked, everyone who may have given us the suggestion of that particular car and we pick it for development you will recieve a 10% discount on that car when you purchase it from “500 LEGENDS”. Gift Certificates will be issued at the end of July. SO TELL US WHAT YOU WANT!!

30 Responses to “What “500 LEGENDS” 1/18 scale Indy Cars would you like to see done”

  1. Doug Burress Says:

    Awesome cars and great site.
    The cars I would really like are probably impossible because no one ever produced the chassis’ in 1/18.
    67 Turbine, 70&71 PJ Colts of Unser & Leonard, 72 Parnelli’s.
    Is a 68 B.Unser Eagle possible? 71 Revson & Donahue. 66 Graham Hill Lola. 78 Al Unser Lola, 79 Mears Penske.
    I’ll keep dreamin’…

  2. Tony Jackson Says:

    The Marmon Wasp and PJ Colts of Al Unser and Mears 79 Winner

  3. Gary J. Blinebruy Says:

    How ’bout doing some Novi designs. Either the Novis of the ’40s (Hepburn), ’50s (Bettenhausen and Russo) or the later designs that Hurtubise and Unser drove in the ’60s? I’m not sure what kind of conversion could be done from existing cars but it’s fun to think about.

    The Blue Crowns from ’47-’49 were good ones too!

    Great site and fantastic concept! Keep it up, guys.


  4. Trevor Says:

    All those mentioned so far and front wheel drive Millers.

  5. Gavin Stewart Says:

    Al Unser Sr’s 1987 or 1988 rides. The 3 Penske’s on the front row for the ’88 500 is very cool. Scott Goodyears 1992 Mackenzie Lola. Michael Andretti’s 1992 Lola, Gary Bettenhausen’s 1993 Glidden Lola. Tom Sneva’s 1986 Skoal Bandit & Pancho Carter’s 1990 Hardees Special.

    I am big fan of the mid 80’s thru mid 90s at Indy!

    Those are some of the cars that I’d like to see in 1/18 scale

  6. johnnylightning82 Says:

    Gavin…All three of the 1988 Penske PC 17’s that sat on the front row can be done. I have developed the PC 17 chassis and have done the Mears Indy winner and Sullivan’s Miller High Life car. They are both on in the conversion section if you haven’t looked through that section of the site. I am developing a 1986 March chassis which will be done in the next couple of months. With that being said I will be able to do both the Unser Indy winner and the Sneva Skoal car. All the other cars can be done I would just need to get the artwork for the decals done which is a possibility. I am working on artwork for many of the Menards Glidden cars right now. Thanks for the suggestions

  7. Daniel Rowland Says:

    I allway`s thought the Menard Glidden car`s were so cool with all the bright colors on them. I would love to get ahold of a 1/18 scale Scott Brayton Menards Glidden car. I loved how Scott did everything he could to get the Pole at Indy. He brought so much excitement to Pole Day !!

  8. johnnylightning82 Says:

    Hi Daniel…I am working on getting the art work developed for the Menard’s Glidden cars of the 90’s. I will keep you posted. I really liked those cars too and have always liked the bright neon colors on a race car!

  9. George Oldnall Says:

    Would like to see of the famous Lotus Indy Cars done. Like Jimmy Clarks 64,65,66 Cars. Also would like to see Parnelli Jones Agajanian Hurst #98 Lotus of Parnelli Jones and the Bobby Marshman Pure Firebird Lotus (1964 500)

  10. Jim Says:

    I would like to see Tom Sneva’s ’83 and Gordon Johncock’s ’82 Indy winners. I always liked the A. J. Foyt and Danny Ongais late 70’s Parnelli’s as well.

  11. Paul Giannamore Says:

    1967 and 1968 turbines.
    1969 Mario Andretti Hawk
    Ol’ Calhoun
    AJ Foyt’s 1976 Coyote
    1972 Mark Donahue’s No. 66 Penske

  12. Dave Pool Says:

    Lots of great suggestions so far — I, too, vote for any of the turbines. But I’m also of the era when creativity ruled, so I’d like to see either the Revson or Donohue McLaren, the John Barnard-designed Pennzoil Chaparral or, one of the most overlooked cars of all, the Pepsi Challenger Eagle that I believe was driven by Mike Mosley.

  13. MIKE REED Says:


  14. Joe Says:

    I would like to see the entire Menard Gliddon Lola Buicks. With the BUMP!
    Also the Millers. Those cars were really cool.

  15. Danno Says:

    I’d really love to see the Galmer that Al Jr. drove, but you can really only get 2 or 3 different cars out of the cast. The Menards cars would be sweet! I’d love to see the Mackenzie car. Maybe a 90-91 Penske Mears car. 90-92 Lolas would be great. I have lots of ideas….

  16. Doug Says:

    I’d like to see the “Whooshmobile”. The first turbine driven by Parnelli Jones.

  17. Jared Says:

    I would like to see something different. I would like to see a 1/18 scale of the famous “legends row” that had A.J., Mario, and I think Rick Mears from the early 90s, with the old Pagoda in the background. That would be awesome!

  18. Tom Savory Says:

    I have fond memories of the Brawner/Hawk that Mario Andretti drove to victory in 1969 and would love to see a die-cast of it. Also the 1928 Miller driven by Louis Meyer is one of the most beautiful cars in speedway history.

  19. Derek Witkowsky Says:

    I would like to see the 1984 Budweiser Lola T800 driven by Mario Andretti during his championship season.

  20. Bill H Says:

    I second the suggestion the suggestions of George Oldnall. Especially when it comes to the Bobby Marshman Pure Firebird Lotus 29 #51…Parnelli’s ’65 Lotus 34 #98 would be very cool too!

  21. John M. Says:

    I would like to see one of the Bill Vukovich III cars done;That way all Vukys would be done.

  22. Al Smith Says:

    I’d like to see one of Cale Yarborough’s cars from ’71 or ’72. The ’71 Mongoose was roughly similar to the PJ Colt and the ’72 Atlanta was a McLaren M16 copy with Lotus 72 radiators.

    I LOVE your Swede Savage Eagle!

  23. Kol Says:

    Hey you should make a Billy Vukovich III car. My dad worked for him in 1988 when he became rookie if the year. That would be cool.

  24. pacratt Says:

    Love to see Al Unser Jr’s Valvoline Galmer AND Scott Goodyear’s Mackenzie Lola in a diorama of the ’92 finish.
    Would also love Tom Sneva’s Texaco Star ’83 winner.And, yes, definately the Marmon Wasp!

  25. Robert Boyer Says:

    I would like to see the front drive Novi. Preferably 1948 or 1949. Also the front drive Blue Crown. 1948 model

  26. pacratt Says:

    Graham Hill’s 1966 winning Lotus could be done from any 1966 Carousel-1 Lotus 38… don’t know why THEY never did it (?)
    And would love to see the ’70 & ’71 Johnny Lightning cars of Al, Sr.
    What about the array of March & Lola chassis’ that dominated the ’80s & ’90s ?

  27. Peter K Says:

    What about Danny Sullivan’s “spin and win” car from 1985 ?I loved the red and white paint job of Miller American .

  28. William Sanders Says:

    I would really like to see Mario Andretti’s 1984 CART Championship Lola, Gordon Johncock’s 1982 Indy 500 winner, the 1980 Johnny Rutherford Chapparal Indy 500 winner, and the “two” ’81 Indy winners driven by Mario and Bobby. PS: I would also like to have Mario Andretti’s 1974-75 F5000 Lolas. Yes, I’m a big Mario fan.

  29. pacratt Says:

    Sanders…Here’s an “F.Y.I.” for you…
    Rutherford’s 1980 Chapparal is in production and will be available in late-November in 1/18th scale from Replicarz.
    Replicarz is periodically producing Indy winners in 1/18 & 1/43 scales…covering all eras from the 1911 Wasp to 1992 so far.
    If we’re drifting into F-5000, let’s talk about the UOP Shadows, too…

  30. William Sanders Says:

    I would like to see the 1981 Penske Indycar winner, the 1982 Johncock and Mears Indycars, the 1984 & 1987Mario Andretti Indycars

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