What is your favorite Indy Car drivers helmet

May 3rd, 2010

Tell me what Indy Car drivers helmet is your all time favorite.  There have been so many beautiful helmets over the years, but whose helmet is the most popular.  I tend to like the older vintage helmets.  They were much simplier and many of the drivers had the same helmet year after year making subtle changes depending on the sponsor of their car.   Today’s helmets, though very artistic, have too much design work going on for me personally.  My all time favorite helmets came from none other than the living “500 LEGEND”  “LONESTAR JR” Johnny Rutherford.  Probably the most recognizable helmet in Indy Car history.  Tell “500 LEGENDS” what you think.  Email me a picture of your favorite helmet and I will post it to your blog.

11 Responses to “What is your favorite Indy Car drivers helmet”

  1. Greg Miller Says:

    My all time favorite helmets were either Rick Mears Marlboro team Penske or Litle Al’s Marlboro Team Penske helmets. Of course I do like Helios helmet now and even A.J.’s plain ole orange helmet with just his initials on it. I did come close and had the opportunity to swipe it once while it was sitting on the sidepod as they were going from gasoline alley to the pits but, I was a good boy.
    Greg Miller

  2. Mike Says:

    Certainly when you saw that big lone star coming you knew it was JR. There are so many and picking one as a favorite is like picking a all-time favorite song—too many to choose from. I liked the open-faced helmet that Parnelli Jones used in ‘Ol Calhoun. Jackie Stewart with the plaid stripe around the helmet. Emmo’s spiderweb paint job was wild. Christian Fittipaldi’s tear drop design was cool. The Andretti chevron is a classic. Dean Hall raced at Indy only a couple of times but he had the gondola design that stood out. Derek Daly had the arrow on top that looked like a fighter pilot’s helmet. And, when you saw that plain ‘ol gold helmet you knew it was Bob Harkey.

  3. Clay Says:

    My favorite is the 1988 Rick Mears helmet. The car and helmet was simply beautiful. Plus, there was always a mystic about the car and Rick anyway.

  4. Kim Boyd Says:

    Mike Mosley’s 1981 Yellow White and Red helmet with the eagle on it.. The year he drove the Pepsi Challenger… That was one cool looking helmet!!!

  5. Marty Seppala Says:

    I have always liked the Andretti’s helmets, Michaels the best with the American flag around the bottom.

  6. Joe Says:

    Michael Andretti post F1 days. I had my snowmobile helmet painted to match it.

  7. OpenWheel Says:

    I love Mario’s simple silver and red helmet. Too bad Mikey and Marco didn’t try and come up with something on their own.

  8. Dan Rowland Says:

    I always liked Emerson Fittapaldi`s helmet

  9. AJ Says:

    My favorite helment is A.J. Foyt’s with my name,AJ in gold letters on the sides. A.J. was my biggest hero when I was a kid and being named after him did not help matters. I also liked the red and white striped helment of Nelson Piquet’s in 1992. Bobby Rahal’s helment and the Andrettis’ has always stuck out in my mind too, but only because they are recongnizable.

  10. Keith Waye Says:

    Mine was Mairo’s, I think he was one of the 1st to have the same colors on his helmet. I think too he was one of the 1st to have his sponsor’s logo on the front of his helmet. Always thought it was cool he did that.

  11. Jack Boyd Says:

    I liked Eddie Cheever’s helment. Very classy.

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